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DJC & MC Reconize

DJC Biography

The amazing sounds created on the turn tables in a Feel The Rush set comes from local hero DJC who is the Future Hardcore and Hardcore Heaven Weekender Award Winner as well as a Hardcore Heaven Awards Breakthrough DJ nominee!! DJC has been tipped as being the next ‘big thing’ by DJ Gammer when asked what he thought of JC during an interview for Hyperbolic TV in September 2009. So, coming from the guy who has won the award for being the best Hardcore DJ (twice), I think that JC is certainly on the right track at such an early stage in his career to be something truly amazing which the scene will really have to embrace itself for!


MC Reconize Biography

Hardcore’s next top mc superstar is the extremely charismatic crowd conductor, MC RECONIZE who rounds off the other half of Feel The Rush. With his controversial, but catchy, ingenious lyrics, such as “I Wanna Bang Your Missus”, “Ket Wrecked Sket”, and “Your Missus Is a Nutter” his amazing lyrics and stage presence he never fails to please the ravers, no matter the venue, or the rave. Since his first ever booking at Viva La Hardcore in Kettering in May 2008 he has come on from strength to strength playing at events which most breaking through artists would only dream about in their first year of performing! He has also had the honour of Mc’ing back to back to his lifelong inspiration, MC Storm who was left saying (the first time they MC’d back to back); “that fucking bang your missus lyric, fuck me bruv, I aint heard anything that original in my 8 years in hardcore” at the Feel The Rush Event!


DJC and MC Reconize are fully focused on carrying on with their work and perfecting their already crowd erupting performances by continually improving with their crowd hyping, scratching, tune productions, crowd participation as well as building on their already astronomically high level of clear understanding between each other, so they can make their sets come alive completely naturally!


Apart from actually striving to perfect themselves musically they are looking to push themselves within the scene by doing some projects here and there including radio shows ( and Feel The Rush events. They have recently been signed to the Klubbed Up label, and there is other mad stuff they have in the pipeline….. All I am going to say is Youtube!!!

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