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   Marc Smith

Interview 2013

1. How did you get into DJing?

I was a mad breakdancing, hip hop fan. I love the whole hip hop culture and I got

into djng through that. I started out as a hip hop dj learned my skills for a few years.

Then when I heard this new-fangled dance music appearing at the time (acid house),

starting to grab a hold of the club scene, I was hooked straight away! I sadly stopped

djing hip hop and immediately started to spin Acid House. The rest as they say is history………


2. What’s the best thing about being a DJ?

I’m not sure I would be allowed to say them all in this interview! :P whahahah! Nah seriously,

watching a dancefloor go completely nuts to what you’re doing! There’s no feeling like it!!


3. Have you won any awards over the years?

I have won a couple lol! I have been voted…….

Scotland’s best DJ for 7 Years in a row at the Scottish Dance Music Awards

Scotland’s best Techno Dj at the Scottish Dance Music Awards

Scotland’s Best Remixer at the Scottish Dance Music Awards

Best Scottish DJ on the late Great Tom Wilsons ‘Stepping Out’ radio show

Best Scotttish DJ @ The Northern Ireland Dance music Awards and a few others


4. Which is your most successful release to date?

If you’re talking successful as in sales? Then I think that would have to be one of my older

tracks ‘Pump up the Noise’ which sold something like 14500 copies ☺ That was in the good

old days of vibrant record sales before digital and illegal downloads killed it.


5. Which is the most memorable event you have played and why?

Toooooo many memorable ones to be honest but a firm favourite of mines has always been ‘Gazometer’ in Vienna, Austria. It was held in an old disused gas storage facility. You know those big monstrous, blue, circular things with the domed roofs that hold all the gas! It was amazing! I always remember it because of the venue, but more importantly it’s also because it was about 30mins before I was due to go on and it looked empty and I was gutted. Then I went on played my first tune, mixed in my next and looked up and the place was front to back packed out with people all going nuts! It was an amazing party man! That venue even featured in a James Bond Movie how cool is that?!


6. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Sadly I don’t really get a whole load of spare time if I’m honest, but when I do (and it may sound sad to some lol), I love walking my wee Staffie dog with my beautiful girlfriend. We have an awesome big country park right behind our house. I think it’s always good to get out and clear the head at times you know. As well as that I go the gym 4 or 5 times a week and watch a load of movies.


7. You have just released your brand new second Artist Album ‘Notorious By Nature’ which is a 3 x CD box set… wow! Tell us a little bit about that?

Yeah I have just released that on the 1st April and like you say it’s a Triple CD artist album, CD1 has 13 upfront, unmixed, full length dj friendly tracks on it, CD2 has 12 unmixed digitally remastered classic Marc Smith tunes on there and CD3 Is a full on, super-fast paced, energetic, 100% live Marc Smith DJ mix. so it is a pretty damn good package even if I do say so myself lol! :p But I can’t complain the albums are flying out at the moment everyone is getting behind it and supporting it and just about everyone so far has been giving it great reviews so I am really, really happy. If your interested folks… you can order that from Amazon for about £10 ☺



8. What stands out about DJing in Bristol?

Aghhhh see I am always going to be biased towards that question because I used to live in Bristol for quite a while and I have always loved it. It always holds a special place in my heart does Bristol, I even run my Birthday STOMP parties down there every year. Its awesome! I have dj’d in Bristol for sooo many years. The crowds always proper have it down there. It’s just like playing in my home town of Glasgow playing there I kid you not! It’s a home from home for me and the people there are just so down to earth and uber friendly party animals just like me ☺ The perfect recipe for an amazing party!



9. What sort of set shall we expect from you at ‘Totally Ardcore’?

I will be playing a lot of the stuff from my new album and as always you should expect it to be, fast, energetic, uplifting , tough and stomping so….Get your stomping hats on people!



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