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MC Angel




Back in 1994, The name 'MC Angel' was used on a flyer for the first time,

at The Fruit Club, Swindon. From there and bookings with Fusion, led to appearances at Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Hardcore Heaven, The Cardiff International Arena and even The Popkomm Festival in Germany.


With the decline of mass raving at the turn of the century, MC Angel kept it local, regularly performing at Cybrations @ Club Destiny in Bournemouth .............until! A random phone call in early 2005 from Miss Special K asking him to MC at a little underground club in Bristol called Castros changed everything. The music was amazing, but it was the ravers and the residents as people that made it the best club night since the early Brunel Rooms nights.


Since then, after diverging into DJ'ing, there has been bookings at

Taz-Mental, Luna-Trip, Master-Ravers, Hard Times, Ravers Elite, Hardstyle

United, Adrenaline Stompers, Re-Generate, Wonkey Eye, Masters Of The Mic,

Homeboyz, Dark Energy Events, Hardcore Surge, Core Nation, Sounds Of

Diztortion, Rave Unity Goes Harder (there's way more, just cant remember!!)

and even the reunion of The Fruit Club. But the one constant is Totally' Ardcore, and due to MC Angel appearing on flyers for over a decade

continuously, he now holds the longest ever residency at Totally Ardcore,

only Miss Special K has been there longer!


In 2017 Angel DJ'd and MC'd for Adrenaline Stompers (SOTR and Welcome To The Jungle) and secured a new residency at Happy Daze in Leicester, proving that even at the age of 42, he still has a place in the scene!

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