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MC Flo



Hi..I'm Mc Flo and I've been Mc'ing for 6 yrs. I'm a part of the Underground Revolutions Team and resident MC for Totally 'Ardcore, Adrenaline Stompers, Hardcore Raveolution, Nemesis, Lets Ave It!!





I've been enjoying the sounds of dance music for the last 12 years or more, and 6 of them have been spent hosting for hardstyle and MC'ing at hardcore events. Over this period I've MC'd at various events throughout the country in towns and cities such as Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol, Bournemouth, Brighton, London, Birmingham and Swansea.




I have played at events such as:

Spunky, Oxygen, Ravolution, Kore, Nemesis, Bionic(NYE12), Totally 'Ardcore, Serious Sounds, Full Throttle, Ravers Are, Atomic, Hardcore Evolution, Lets Ave It, Hardcore Technology, Chemical Hardcore, Bang, Hardcore Momentum, Vibealive, Rat Pack, Ellation, Re-activation, Delerium, Future Beats, Bad Medicine, THC(original), Crazy Town, Tazpatang, Dark Energy Pro and Master Ravers and many more.





Hey hey Ravers!! Well.....where do I start then... hmm!! In 2006 I found myself falling in love with what I can only describe as the "beginning of my life!" picking up the microphone and combining this with dance music (hard trance, hardstyle, drum n bass and obviously not forgetting hardcore). My first time on stage was for an event called "Endorthinox," (a hardstyle night in Swansea). The host mc did a "no show" and as I was good friends with the promoters, they asked me to introduce I did. It was the best decision I've ever made, and ever will!! From that point on there was nothing else that I wanted more than to have a mic in my hand, enjoying the music scene with friends both old and new.

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