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Miss Special K has been performing across the country for the past 15 years, playing a variety of styles including hardcore, happy hardcore, old skool, hard house and bounce. She is the only DJ to make it to the top 4 of the Hardcore Heaven Awards 'Best Breakthrough DJ' in both 2011 and 2012.


It all started in the mid 90's when Karen and a group of friends hosted a pirate radio station which was broadcast across her hometown of Torbay in Devon. At the age of just 13 Karen was very much into her hardcore and hard house. It was only in her late teens that she was able to buy a set of decks and she taught herself to mix whilst at uni studying to be a teacher. A year later Karen gained her first hard house booking in Bristol and a residency with the Future Sound Crew in Devon. Following this she won numerous dj competitions in the Bristol area and received a weekly residency at Castros nightclub. In 2004 hardcore bounced back onto the scene and Karen set up the night Totally 'Ardcore at Castros, where she had the opportunity to play all the hardcore she had collected over the previous years. She soon became known on the scene, for her unique style of mixing and unforgettable performances.


Over the years she has gained bookings across the country at nights such as Hardcore Heaven, Dreamscape, Ravers Reunited, HTID, Fantazia, Storm, Fusion, We are Hardcore, Hard to the Core, Xstatic, Obsessed, True Hardcore, Firewall, Oxygen, Epidemik, Raindance, and Delerium. She has also played in Spain, Ibiza and Belgium. Karen has also had the pleasure of playing on lineups with all of the top hardcore DJs and MCs, and performing back to back sets with artists including Dougal, Vibes, Alex Prospect, Vinyl Junkie, and Al Storm, and alongside MCs Storm, Whizzkid, Wotsee, Marley, Static, Enemy, Skatty and many more! She is renowned for her skilled technical abilities and bouncy energetic sets.


MC Whizzkid states... "She is sick!... and her mixing is tight" 


MC Storm refers to her as... "The worlds number 1 female hardcore DJ".


A quote from DJ Vibes says... "A girl who's got it going on at every level. But her main attribute is how down to earth and warm she is to everybody no matter who. You instantly feel at ease with Karen, she's top class. But that's nothing, I forgot to mention how hard she works with her powerful and emotional Dj sets, and all the time & effort that goes into her dedicated promotions. PROOF that hard work and respect get you places."


As well as DJing, promoting Totally 'Ardcore, and teaching full time, Karen is also producing her own music too and has recently set up her very own label TOTALLY 'ARDCORE Records. Many of her tracks have reached the number 1 spot on Track it Down and have featured on various compilations. She has had airplay on Radio 1 by Kutski and reviews in DJ Mag and Raving Eye. Within her workplace, Karen also teaches children to mix and produce in her very own DJ club, and this has led to many live PAs in whole school assemblies!


In addition, she is sponsored by the 'Cyberbunny' and 'Pen and Lolly' cyber clubwear brands. 










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