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Ravin Eye

Interview 2013

Ravin eye has been running for over a decade, Why do you put so much work into the mag?


Simple answer, we love Hardcore! We love the scene, the music, the ravers, everything about it,

and we've followed the scene ourselves as ravers since the early nineties. Ravin Eye started back

in 2001 as there was a lot of negativity surrounding the scene at the time and we wanted to

promote all the things we loved, give Hardcore a positive voice. It's grown and progressed with

the scene over time and has become something much bigger than we ever thought possible.


How many copies did you print to begin with and where do ravers get copies from now?


We did 1000 copies to start and we would choose a selection of events to flyer around the UK, large and small, each issue. We soon realised that having copies just go out in flyer packs was not a productive way to flyer though, it was far better to have our own team, saying the name of the mag as they flyered, raising awareness and making sure it was going to Hardcore ravers, especially at the mixed genre events. We were also out pretty much every weekend raving anyway so wherever we went Ravin Eye would appear, even if it was just a few copies left in the chill out room or on the bar. Over the years the big events became the easiest place for us to distribute big numbers of the mag, and as now, we tend to leave early (as much as we hate it!) and flyer for the last hour or so as ravers leave. We also now use MDMA flyering team to cover some of the Northern events which we struggle to get to. The majority of our issues, approx 5000 copies, are still flyered for free in the same way, at the end of the night as ravers leave the events. We also have a copy mailed out with every Hardcore purchase from and several issues are now available to purchase as PDF downloads from


We do offer a subscription if people want a copy mailed out to them, it’s now £10 for 4 issues which covers the p&p. We accept payments via paypal to or by cheque/PO payable to ‘C Crane’ to Ravin Eye, PO Box 3628, Newport Pagnell, MK16 8ZX .



How do you think the Hardcore scene has changed over the last decade?


The music is constantly evolving, but we feel that the atmosphere created in Hardcore raves has changed very little, it's a unique vibe where the passion for the music and scene is obvious wherever you rave. The online community for our scene is a much more positive place than it used to be, artists have embraced the technology of social networking and it has made them much more accessible than they were 10 years ago, it has also made the global reach of uk Hardcore something quite incredible, we only have to look at our subscriptions to now see ravers in America, Australia and Russia following what we as a scene are up to, and that's really something to be proud of!


How do you come up with ideas for the mag?


We are always in touch with artists ensuring we keep up-to-date with their latest and forthcoming projects, and being well established in the scene now means that often people get in touch with us first when they know they have something of interest coming up. We also always try to have some random or funny features which we really enjoy, we never like to take ourselves too seriously! but mainly, as we said, we are ravers who love the scene so our regular raving and following the music often inspires the features for each issue.


How is the magazine funded?


The early issues were all funded by ourselves (when it was much smaller and black and white!) Gradually the advertising revenue increased and enabled us to improve the mag, to add more pages and go full colour. Unfortunately in recent years mailing and printing costs have risen, and as with many other publications,  the advertising revenue has dropped and we have had to try and think of alternative ways to raise funds. Ravers have been so supportive and the last couple of issues simply would not have gone ahead without the donations we have received.


How will the 'Ravin Eye Fundraiser' event help the magazine?


Many of the artists booked have given us very generous donations from their fees which is fantastic, so a huge thank you to every single DJ and MC who has supported us in this way! We are hoping to raise more funds from any profit on the entry fees on the night, plus lots of fun additions at the event including a raffle with some amazing  prizes up for grabs for the ravers, including dj Gammers record bag, signed CDs from Darren Styles, a signed cap from Whizzkid, Marc Smith's album,  a signed vinyl from Dj Kurt and studio time with Fracus and Darwin!


Why did you team up with Totally Ardcore for this event?


Firstly, we are ravers, not promoters! So any venture into promoting would need to rely on the expertise of seasoned professionals... Totally Ardcore approached us with the idea, they have been hugely supportive of the mag and keen to find ways to raise funds for us, we have witnessed their genuine passion and love for the scene, along with the brilliant reputation they have earned with both ravers and artists alike. We are proud to be in partnership with them and so excited about the event, hopefully with your support we can raise funds to secure future issues of the magazine so please come down to Motion in Bristol on 7th September!


Any other info?


Look out for Ravin Eye flyered at an event near you, for updates of flyering schedules and other info catch up with us at and twitter @Ravin_eye


We also offer a subscription service to the mag: payments to be made via paypal, either for a block of 4 issues (£10) or issue by issue (£2.50) to Please remember to include your name, address and the issue number/s you require when sending any payment. The latest issue is number 52.


If you've missed any issues we sell back issues at £2 per copy, the only ones no longer available are issues 1-4 and 11.


We also accept payment by cheque or postal order payable to 'C Crane' sent to Ravin Eye, PO Box 3628, Newport Pagnell, MK16 8ZX

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