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Skindogg Started his musical Journey In 2007.  With his creative personality and love for hardcore, he took it on himself to buy a set of cheap turntables and teach him self the art of mixing.


"You pick the basics up quick, but I find there's so much more to learn with tricks and techniques.  Mixing is a hobby that always stays fresh"


Skindogg quickly progressed to a good level with his mixing and it wasn't long before he was involved in a brand of hard dance nights in Devizes called Manufactured Diztortion Crew (M.D.C).


M.D.C was a multi-genre night with over 10 residential artists , working with genres such as Hard House / Hardcore / Hard style , Hard Trance / Techno / Breaks and Electro. Skindogg & Dj Lister covered provided the hardcore for these monthly events.


"Dj Lister was actually a big inspiration to me 'he knew how to use the mixer!!! although mixing was pretty straight forward , he made mixing look fun with technical tricks with the effect!"


After a 3 year run M.D.C was no more. Skindogg met with Chris Freeman (MC 3Man) and Chris Shuttleworth (MC Shutts) , and the rest of the Underground Revolutions lads. From then on Skindogg was having regular bookings in various venues with various nights! He has never looked back since and progressed and kept his focus to better him self and keep pushing forward.


Skindogg is considered a technical dj on a mixer , with great capabilities with the effects and is not afraid to experiment and try new things.


"My Ambition is to focus , keep pushing and try hard and not forgetting to have fun on the way............."


He now holds residencies with both Adrenaline Stompers and Totally 'Ardcore.

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