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Interview 2013

1.How did you get into DJing?


I actually started playing records at 18 months old, I think my body is made up of part vinyl part flesh,

and I’ve always had a fascination about mixing tracks together. I was mixing at 10 years old, played

my first gig at a school party when I was 10 and there was no turning back, I was destined to be a DJ!


2.What’s the best thing about being a DJ?


There are many great things… the best part is obviously playing the music to an audience and making

them smile and feel the vibes. Other great things in my case are travelling and experiencing the world,

meeting so many nice and interesting people, and of course the partying like there’s no tomorrow lol.


3.Have you won any awards over the years?


Yes, I won 2 M8 Mag awards in 1996 for best DJ & best remixer. I won best DJ in 1996 for Dream Mag

which earned me the tag “The Godfather”. I also won best DJ and an award for outstanding contribution

to the scene in 1996 for Kiss 100 & EHM (Moondance). I have won other awards including a legend award

in Ibiza, best Old Skool DJ at the Official Old Skool Awards 2006 and in 2010/2011 I won the music scene

award, best DJ twice and best producer for


4.Which is your most successful release to date?


SL2 – On A Ragga Tip


5.Which is the most memorable event you have played and why?


That’s such a tough question. Ones that really stick in the memory are the early Raindances… Fantazia at Matchams, Vision at Popham, and then there are countless other great gigs through the year’s right up to this year… Bowlers 21 was amazing last month and I played in Amsterdam on Monday night and it was totally off the scale!!!


6.What do you like to do in your spare time?


I enjoy travelling, I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, I love to cook and I suppose in general I like to make the most of whatever I do. I’m always trying to learn and move forward in life and help the nice people around me on my journey as much as possible. Obviously I still love going mental now and then and partying for days and days non stop ☺


7.What projects are you currently working on?


I have just started my weekly “World Of Rave” radio show every Friday 5-7pm on and various other streams and FM frequencies. There is also a 24/7 music stream on my website now, it’s like a non-stop rave. I have various tracks and remixes on the go, a remix for the forthcoming “Stevie Hyper” tribute album, and a new House / Acid project with a very famous American singer. I’m also just about to start filming a new feature film of which I am executive producer. It’s called “The Girlfriend” and my daughter Charly is producing and directing the whole thing. I even have a cameo role lol.


8.What stands out about DJing in Bristol?


Bristol for me is one of the bigger party cities in the UK, but it really stands out for its proper underground vibes. Bristol always rocks!!!



9.What sort of set shall we expect from you at Totally ‘Ardcore?


Well I’m constantly digging through my massive Hardcore collection so expect to hear lots of classics that I’m known for but at the same time I’ll be surprising everyone with a few recently uncovered gems that’ll really bring back some fond memories of the mid 90s…


Join me on the World Of Rave show between 5-7pm every Friday 



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